So today’s comic is simply stating the obvious, they missed the due date and now it’s down to the induce date. As Violet stated in an earlier strip, it’s like they’re in a roller coaster ride and they can’t get out now.

So this weekend I spent a good hour planning out the last strips before labor and all the strips leading up to the 1 year anniversary of Plus One. Lots of cool things will be happening with celebration including the birth of Anna, a new site layout/design (which you’re seeing now) and a few items for sale. I’m still looking into books but I have to get through my freelance comics for first. Anyway, I’ll probably through some stuff up when that’s finished.

Also happening in the news was the boobquake which was hilarious and the seizing of the iPhone 4G. Both of which are earth changing events and we’ll have to see if everything falls apart from here on out. For my predictions, check back next week.

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